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17,549 Hours Booked... and counting!

My Studio Sessions is the best way to book recording studio sessions.

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What is My Studio Sessions?

My Studio Sessions provides a variety of powerful tools for studios and musicians to work together. Musicians book their studio sessions online using the same calendar the studio uses for scheduling. Booking sessions online dramatically increases productivity for everyone involved in the session, but that’s just the beginning.

Musicians want to book sessions online!

That’s right. Once you start accepting sessions online you'll see why. Here are a few reasons:

  • Convenience

    All you have to do is provide the link to your studio’s booking page and we’ll take care of the rest. You can share the link to your studio’s booking page on social media, via email, text message, or however you communicate with your studio clients. Booking a session takes less than a minute. Your clients can request sessions 24/7, holidays, whenever. Never again will you miss a session request because you’re deep inside a mix for another client.

  • Available Times Only

    The landing page will immediately show them all your available sessions. We only show time slots during your open/closed times that aren’t already booked by other clients. It just that simple.

  • Easy Sign Up

    When people request sessions at your studio we ask them for basic information before putting in the request such as name, email address and phone number. This way you know who booked the session and you can follow up with them if you need to. We only ask for this information once, the next time they book it’s even simpler since they already entered all their contact info the first time.

  • Communication

    With My Studio Sessions everyone stays in the loop. As soon as your client books a session we send you an email with all the information about the session including the client’s name, photo (if available), and date/time of the session. When you confirm the session the client we’ll send the client an email letting them know you acknowledge the session and all is set.

  • Rescheduling

    Sometimes your client will need to reschedule their session. With My Studio Sessions it couldn't be easier. They simply click the reschedule button on their dashboard and choose a new time. You’ll get an email with the new session request. The old session time is automatically released on your schedule so other clients can request that time.